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Hello! We are Fresh Paws Bath House, a premier pup salon offering high quality grooming styles and service in Williamsburg, NY. Our goal is to provide you with the best grooming and bathing experience possible! How? Well here’s our secret, we use the highest quality natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable products for all your dog's grooming treatments, to go along with our safe, comfy, cage-free space! Our grooming experts are passionate and dedicated to provide the right look for your pup, while making them feel right at home! We look forward to giving you and your pup the “Fresh Paws Experience”!

Full Service Bath 

Don’t want to do the work? No problem, go ahead and schedule a full service  bath and let our professional dog bathing staff do the dirty work!  Included in the full service price is the bath, drying, ear cleaning, nail trim, and a light brush out. With your choice of any of our premium shampoos and conditioners.{DOES NOT INCLUDE HAIRCUT}

*Long-Haired Dogs: +20

*Dogs with Double Coats: Extra $25 starting

Set grooming prices by breed. (i.e. Labrador Retrievers, Shiba Inu, Australian Shepherd, Husky) 


*All full-service pricing is subject to additional charges based on coat condition and behavior

A FURminator De-shedding upgrade is available for an additional fee. If fleas or ticks are found there will be a $25 charge.


XS-SMALL DOG 10-25lbs $55

MEDIUM DOG 26-40lbs $65

LARGE DOGS 41-65lbs $75

XL DOGS 66-90lbs $85

XXL DOGS Over 90lbs $95 & UP

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*All full-service pricing is subject to additional charges based on coat condition and behavior


Self Service Bath

Bring your pup to the Fresh Paws Bath House for a self-service bath and we will provide everything you need to make your dog look and smell great!  We have luxurious, waist high tubs, and inserts for the little pups, so you don’t have to bend over, Shampoo, Conditioner, Aprons, Towels, Brushes, Ear cleaner, and Professional Dryers are all provided. 

With our extensive shampoo and conditioner menu, and our helpful staff we are the best self-service dog wash Williamsburg, Brooklyn has to offer.







*Appointments are not necessary, however the last bath starts 90mins before closing.

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Our Shampoos Are:

  • All-Natural

  • Vegan Based

  • Non Burning

  • Rejuvinating

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Premiere GroomingServices

Fresh Paws offers quality grooming in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We have wonderful groomers that are ready to make your dog’s styling experience as stress free as possible!  Styling prices are based by breed and the type of look you would like your pup to have.  


Our professional groomers can give you a price quote when you call.  There may be an extra charge for excessive matting and other conditions we might not be aware of without seeing the dog ahead of time. We encourage you to bring photos of the style you are looking for. 

At Fresh Paws we pride ourselves on being a cageless facility, so styling (grooming) is by appointment only. 


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We are currently offering styling Tuesday through Saturday. 

Call us today to schedule.


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  • Nail

  • Teeth

  • Butt